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Tuesday 17 March 2015

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Health Minister Jillian Skinner today announced frontline health staff will increase by at least 3,500 full-time equivalent positions over four years, if the Baird Government is re-elected on March 28.

This increase in frontline staff will include at least 2,100 nurses and midwives, 700 doctors, 300 allied health professionals and 400 hospital support staff.

Mr Baird and Mrs Skinner also announced a re-elected Baird Government will deliver a huge boost to hospital activity, including funding to support 320,000 additional emergency department attendances and 13,500 extra elective surgeries over the next four years.

“The Baird Government understands that the best way to put patients first is to employ and retain first rate staff, and provide the funding to deliver the services that patients need,” Mr Baird said.

“We have a proud record of boosting the state’s clinical workforce to record levels and we will continue to do so if re-elected to ensure patients have the very best care and support.

“The Baird Government is delivering a record number of hospital redevelopments right across the state – and while these world-class facilities are important, we understand it’s the people who work inside our hospitals that make them truly great.

“A re-elected Baird Government will also fund record numbers of emergency department attendances and elective surgeries to ensure we meet projected future patient demand, particularly in areas experiencing high population growth.”

Mrs Skinner said: “As I travel the state, I am privileged to meet nurses, doctors and other hospital staff and observe the skill and dedication they bring to their work.

“The Baird Government is committed to ensuring we increase our health workforce to meet demand and to support staff as they care for their patients, be it in hospital, the community or through hospital in the home.

“In our first four-year term, we increased our clinical workforce to record levels and if re-elected, we will employ more nurses and more doctors, we will fund more

surgeries, more emergency department attendances and more hospital admissions – in short, we will keep delivering the best care for our patients.”

Funding for 360 new specialised nursing, midwifery and support staff positions is in addition to the commitment to increase frontline health staff by at least 3,500 full-time equivalent positions over four years and includes:

  • 120 Clinical Nurse/Midwife Educators;
  • 20 Mental Health Clinical Nurse Educators;
  • 60 Nurse Practitioners;
  • 20 Clinical Nurse Consultants;
  • 20 Clinical Midwifery Consultants; and
  • 120 Clinical Support Officers.

A re-elected Baird Government will also:

  • Employ an extra 53 paramedics, including 35 specialist paramedics and 18 paramedics for the Helicopter Retrieval Network.
  • Provide extra training positions for the medical, allied health and oral health workforce, including:
  • 20 new positions in the Rural Generalist Training Program;
  • 60 new Medical Specialty Training positions, with a specific rural and regional focus;
  • 60 Metropolitan Access Scholarships for rural-based medical trainees to support their training at metropolitan hospitals;
  • 68 training positions in allied health fields including prosthetics and orthotics, diagnostic imaging medical physicists and radiopharmaceutical scientists;
  • two oral and maxillofacial training positions for currently registered dentists; and
  • 96 traineeships under the Aboriginal Dental Assistants in the rural public sector and Aboriginal Medical Services program.
  • guarantee an internship position to all domestic medical graduates from NSW universities.

These commitments will be delivered within health growth funding forecasts. Only a re-elected Baird Government can be trusted to manage the State’s finances in a way that will allow NSW to continue providing, and funding, world class patient care.

Mike Baird MP
Premier of NSW
Minister for Infrastructure
Minister for Western Sydney