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Luke Foley is Not Qualified to Lead New South Wales

Just four years ago you kicked out Labor because it had given us 16 years of failure—why bring them back?

In just four years the Baird Liberal Team’s economic management has made NSW number one again.

We’ve done our research, and we can’t find anything on Mr Foley’s CV that makes him qualified for the job. So why should you trust him with your family’s future?

Mr Foley won’t work for NSW because he has no real experience.


  • Never run a business.

  • Never been a Minister.

  • Never run a department.

He’s been a Labor union secretary and a political operator.

But now he wants to run the largest State in Australia.

We can’t risk a L-Plater. Mr Foley has already shown that he’s not ready for government.

Luke Foley = No Plan. No Experience. No Way.

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If you Agree that Luke Foley and his Team are a Risky Deal for NSW