Your gift will help secure our future.

Why leave a Bequest to the NSW Liberal Party? 

The Liberal Party of Australia, NSW Division has been the dominant force in Australian politics for the last century. Through times of both prosperity and hardship people have looked to the Liberal Party of Australia for guidance and leadership. In order to maintain this tradition we need your help. The future of the Party is dependent on income from membership and supporters. The next generation, and indeed every successive generation, must take up where we leave off. The policies that we create and the changes that we implement are the building blocks for a stronger, healthier and safer Australia and NSW. Leaving a Bequest in your Will is an easy and secure way to make sure the Liberal Party of Australia remains a force to be reckoned with for years  to come.

How your Bequest will help the NSW Liberal Party 

Your Bequest will help fund every aspect of the running of the Liberal Party of Australia, NSW Division for Federal, State and Local elections. Planning for the future requires financial security and the income that we receive from gifts in Wills is vital to ensure the Party not only survives but thrives for generations to come. Political success has always been our goal – both in the short and the long term – and it is only with your support that the Liberal Party of Australia, NSW Division can move forward with the confidence, both financial and political, that is needed to win and carry on winning elections.

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For further information: Our Bequest Officer would be pleased to meet you to discuss in complete confidence your options for making a Bequest or donation.

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