Thursday, 06 September 2018
Acting Minister for Police Mark Speakman has today commended officers of the Riverina Police District for their exceptional work ensuring local crime is kept in check.
Mr Speakman said the most recent quarterly data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) showing 15 of the 17 major crime categories as stable or falling in the Wagga Wagga LGA is testament to the proactive work of local Police in detecting, disrupting and preventing crime.
“Across the state, our men and women in blue are putting their lives on the line to protect their local communities, ensuring people can feel save in their homes and on the street.”
“The NSW Government puts community safety at the heart of its justice policy, and we make no apologies for our tough stance on crime.”
The following major crime categories have seen a downward trend across the Wagga Wagga LGA:
  • Steal from a motor vehicle is down 23.4% (Wagga Wagga LGA)
  • Steal from dwelling is down 19.8% (Wagga Wagga LGA)
 Mr Speakman said community safety in the Wagga Wagga region is a top priority for the NSW Government and we will always give the police the right tools to do their job.
“On 17 August, eight new Probationary Constables graduated from the Police Academy in Goulburn and were assigned to the Riverina Police District,” said Mr Speakman.
“We have also established a Region Enforcement Squad (RES) at Wagga Wagga, which includes one Sergeant and five constables.”
“In addition, since 2011, the NSW Government has added more than 1000 additional officers to the Police ranks, and delivered a record $3.9 billion Budget for the Police in 2018/19.”
Offences of indecent assault, acts of indecency and other sexual offences have increased in the Wagga Wagga LGA.
Mr Speakman said it’s impossible to know whether the rise is due to increased offending, increased reporting, or both.

“I urge anyone who has been the victim of such an awful and often terrifying experience to come forward and report this crime to Police so that justice can be served.”

Liberal Candidate for Wagga Wagga Julia Ham said local Police do a remarkable job attending to incidents, targeting criminals and supporting victims of crime, but they can’t do it alone.
“Local Police are working hand in hand with the Wagga Wagga community to prevent crime. I would like to thank the community for doing their bit by reporting crime, working closely with our local Police officers, and remaining vigilant.”