John Howard speaks about Dave Sharma's ability and the real risk of a hung parliament if an Independent wins in Wentworth.

Thursday, 18 October 2018
I hope that you will vote for Dave Sharma, the Liberal candidate, in the by-election in Wentworth.

Not only is the outcome of the by-election critical to the stability of the Government, but in Dave Sharma the people of Wentworth would have a representative who, at the age of 42, has already achieved so much. 

He had an outstanding career in Australia’s diplomatic service. At just 37, he was placed in charge of our embassy in Israel. Prior to that he had represented our interests in Washington, and was also involved in facilitating peace and a political settlement in Papua New Guinea. 

Recently Dave Sharma has had private sector involvement, focusing on innovation and investment. If elected, he would take into parliament knowledge of a wide range of policy areas.

Not only would Dave Sharma bring experience and high intelligence to parliament but with  his wife Rachel and their three young daughters he is particularly focused on the future. 

This is no ordinary by-election. With the Government holding a one-seat majority there is a  lot at stake.  

A vote for anyone other than Dave Sharma in Wentworth, risks putting Bill Shorten dangerously close to power.

That would pose a risk to our economy, which has been doing well in recent years. It would pose  a risk to the Budget, which is due to return to balance next year.

A vote for Labor or an independent would bring Bill Shorten one step closer to introducing higher taxes on small businesses, investments and retirement savings.

If elected, Dave Sharma would bring enormous energy and commitment to the people of Wentworth. He has the capacity to go a long way in national politics.

Yours sincerely,

John Howard
Former Prime Minister