New Lifesaving Facility for North Bondi

Friday, 28 September 2018
The Liberal National Government will invest $500,000 in a new facility to store lifesaving equipment for the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.

The North Bondi Surf Club rescue beachgoers, surfers, fisherman and often in-distress boats all the way from Watson’s Bay to La Perouse along with helping residents and walkers in emergency situations along Wentworth’s coastline.

The Surf Club currently stores emergency lifesaving equipment in an 80 year old storage area that is no longer fit for purpose.  As a result, lifesaving equipment has to be stored away from the beach and transported across the promenade. This significantly increases response times. 

The $500,000 grant will help build a new facility to house the lif esaving equipment such as jet skis and allow direct access to the beach - substantially reducing response times and improving Surf Life Saving services to the community.  

Liberal Candidate for Wentworth, Dave Sharma joined Prime Minister Scott Morrison for today’s announcement.  Dave has lobbied hard for this investment on behalf of the local community.

“What a terrific win for the families of Wentworth,” Dave Sharma said. “The Club has raised a significant amount of money by themselves but required some help to make this project happen. I’m proud to be able to assist their effort in a small way.”

“This new facility will make the job of the surf lifesaving volunteers easier but most importantly it will improve rescue response times and the safety of residents.”

The $500,000 grant is another example of how only a member of the Government can deliver real benefits to the people of Wentworth.