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Friday, 27 April 2018
Treasurer Dominic Perrottet today announced the New South Wales State Budget for 2018-19 will be handed down on Tuesday 19 June.

Mr Perrottet said he looked forward to handing down his second budget as NSW Treasurer and continuing the Government’s legacy as a financially responsible government that invests back in to NSW communities and families.

“Handing down a Budget is an immense privilege and responsibility. It is more than just numbers on a page, it represents decisions about the Government's priorities and where it chooses to direct hard-working taxpayer’s money,” Mr Perrottet said. “

While the last Labor Government was addicted to taxing and spending, the Liberals and Nationals focus will always be on living within our means, lowering the tax burden, encouraging business and making better use of the taxpayer funds we do receive.

“The Liberals and Nationals inherited a financial mess from Labor and we have worked hard to get the State’s finances in such a strong position so we can make NSW the best place to live, work, run a business and start a family.

“We are in a strong financial position but that doesn’t mean there are not challenges ahead. “I am determined on June 19 to deliver a Budget that continues to support our state’s economic resurgence, puts us in great shape to meet the mounting fiscal challenges and creates stability for the future.”