Meet Melissa McIntosh

Melissa McIntosh calls Western Sydney home and has spent her life working to build a stronger community and helping those who are most in need.

Like many people who live in Western Sydney, Melissa was born in Penrith, as were her three children Byron, Coby and Summer. Melissa and her husband Stuart met and were married in the area and have lived in both Cranebrook and Emu Plains, where they bought their first home.

Today, Melissa and her family enjoy the benefits of this great community, including our local schools and sports groups.

“There’s no stronger connection to an area than being born there, I was born in Nepean Hospital as were my three children.”

Serving Our Community

Melissa’s work and advocacy on affordable housing and homelessness In Western Sydney has given her a unique perspective on the challenges our region faces.

Through this work, Melissa is leading a project that helps those in social housing find financial independence and the opportunity to rent their own home.  
Melissa is also passionate about revitalising Penrith with an increased investment in tourism and sports and recreational facilities to encourage healthy lifestyles and long-term job opportunities for future generations. 

Listening & Acting

As a mother, Melissa understands the day-to-day pressures local families are under. As part of the Morrison Liberal Team, she will work hard so that more people can benefit from Australia’s strong economy.

Locally she will support families by guaranteeing essential services, delivering record investment in schools, health and hospitals and lowering cost of living pressures through tax relief and affordable and reliable energy.

Melissa is backing more than 13,000 local businesses who are the backbone of Western Sydney’s local economy. Support including tax relief means our businesses can grow and create new local job opportunities, so more people can work where they live and enjoy our community’s lifestyle.

What I Stand For

  • Support for local small businesses and new job opportunities so people can work where they live and enjoy our community’s lifestyle
  • Investment in local infrastructure, roads and rail so you spend less time commuting and more time at home with family
  • Record funding for local schools and education, so that our children are given the best opportunity in life
  • Lowering your cost of living through tax relief, affordable and reliable energy and guaranteed essential services for health and hospitals
  • Protecting our local quality of life while growing our region and providing new educational and job opportunities for future generations
  • Keeping our borders strong & secure