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Mundine shuts down Labor’s nuclear scare campaign

Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Liberal for Gilmore Warren Mundine has denounced Labor candidate Fiona Phillips’ nuclear scare campaign as “complete rubbish”.
Ms Phillips and former Labor MP Peter Garrett were spreading a campaign of fear and lies to the residents of Huskisson over the weekend.
“There is no basis for this campaign of fear. It’s absolutely despicable. The people of Huskisson and our communities right across Gilmore should not go to bed at night worrying about nuclear in their back yard.
“My answer is clear – it is never going to happen.
“I will never support a nuclear reactor at our pristine Jervis Bay.
“It’s never going to happen. Ever.”
“To have Peter Garrett come to Huskisson to try and spook our community just shows what kind of party Labor has become and the desperate lengths they will go to.
“This is a former anti-uranium activist who, as Environment Minister, approved the expansion of the Beverley uranium mine in 2008 and the Four Mile uranium mine in 2009.” 
“If anyone can’t be trusted, it’s Labor, their deception and lies.”