About Dave Sharma

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The Choice

As part of the Liberal Team, Dave understands the importance of a  stronger economy – the key to  delivering better services.

He has the experience and skills to  help ensure we keep Australians safe. Dave will strongly support policies that encourage hard work and enterprise. 

The  Liberals’ small business tax  relief is already benefiting 29,000  small businesses in Wentworth, while legislated income tax relief will encourage those who work hard to get ahead.
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Born to a father of Indian heritage and an Australian mother, Dave Sharma’s family settled in Sydney in the 1970s.

At age 12 he lost his mum to breast cancer and says:

“the beliefs I hold dear today - the importance of family, a belief in self-reliance, and a desire to help - stem from this time.”

Dave’s dad instilled in him the value of education. He went to his local public school and topped the state in the HSC with a TER of 100, before getting First Class Honours in Law from Cambridge.
Dave Sharma In Bougainville


Driven by a sense of service, Dave became an Australian diplomat, earning an Australian Service Medal for his work in Papua New Guinea:

“I spent my days in negotiations with armed militants and separatists, and my nights in a stretcher bed under a mosquito net. As part of Team Australia, we helped achieve a durable peace and political settlement to the most bloody conflict in the South Pacific since World War Two.”

He later represented Australia’s interests in Washington in the post 9/11 era, working with the United States to respond to the new threat of global terrorism.
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At age 37, Dave became Australia’s Ambassador to Israel. In this role he helped facilitate links to Israel’s technology sector and investment into Australia.

He ensured the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba was a major commemorative event  and delivered the first visit to Australia by an Israeli  Prime Minister.

Since returning to Australia, Dave has run his own advisory business, focused on innovation and  investment into Australia.
For a 42-year-old, Dave has accomplished a lot. But service remains his passion.

He has a proven ability to bring people together, solve problems and get things done.